Motivation, Use, Value Study

Key Research Questions

  1. WHO are the families who visit interactive spaces in art museums and WHY do they visit them?
  2. HOW do families use interactive spaces within art museums?
  3. WHAT do parents perceive is valuable about interactive spaces in art museums and how do they perceive their families benefit from visiting them?

The MUV study was directed by the Jessica Luke, who was then at the Institute for Learning Innovation and facilitated by the on-site researchers at each museum.

The MUV component was accomplished with an on-site pencil-and-paper survey and a reflective tracking puzzle conducted by the on-site researchers. The participants were then asked to complete online questionnaires.

Number of Visitors participating in the MUV Study

On-site interviews9848695552408
Online questionnaires6355483301513
Goal for completed online surveys = 2400 (800 per site)

Below you can download PDFs that provide in-depth information about the MUV study.