How Findings Inform Practice

The educators at the three museums—Frist Center for the Visual Arts, High Museum of Art, and The Speed—have reviewed and shared the results of the project within their education departments and across their respective institutions.  Each institution has benefited from a grant-funded, on-site researcher. These individuals looked at our interactive spaces from our visitors’ perspectives and shared their observations and thoughts with the FLING team for four years. 

The musings and reflections of each institution’s educators is shared below with the hope that what we have learned during the past four years will inform other museum educators who have interactive galleries or are planning to create an interactive gallery.  Ultimately, the goal of this research project is to create a better experience for our visitors.

See how the three museum educators have made use of the findings from this report, as of 2021.

DOWNLOAD PDFs to see how educators from the partner museums have applied research findings:
Frist Center for the Visual Arts

High Museum of Art

The Speed Museum of Art